Special Features


With the tail set you will have even the tail fixed and it does not leave a curl where the drycoat stops as many other drying coats often do.

Furthermore it helps to keep the drycoat in proper position.


The tail set combined with the inset for the hindlegs being bend forward leaves the back end open.

This means you can let your dog outside safely, as no "accidents" will happen :).


All parts of the drycoat is made out of elastic mesh fabric, which gives your dog unrestricted movement and full comfort.

Furthermore this breathable fabric gives no added heat in warm weather. In cold weather simply just add your dogs normal coat on top of the drycoat.


All drycoats are homemade in Denmark.

We try to have all sizes in stock, but at times with more requests or larger orders, please allow us a little delay.

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